Miss Nepal Manisha Acharya may have wild card entry in BIG BOSS16

Many times in the house of Big Boss, there is a wild card entry of such contestants who entertain the audience a lot on their own, this is the reason why the team of Bigg Boss looks for such a personality which is really strong, there is such a personality – Miss Nepal Manisha Acharya.

At present, neither the Big Boss team nor Manisha Acharya has confirmed this news but, quoting sources, it is reported that there is a lot of discussion going on with Manisha about this project and soon this news may be stamped.

If Manisha’s entry happens in the Bigg Boss house, then the audience is guaranteed to be entertained. Manisha, who is famous for her impetuosity, will have a lot of fun watching her bold and cool style. For Manisha Acharya, who considers Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manisha Koirala and Salman Khan as her idols, Bigg Boss house will set a new dimension in her film career.

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