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Painful yet effective way to add few more inches to your height through Limb Lengthening in India

Can you summon yourself to change your ordinary height to a new persona.

Like any other person, we all would want to look attractive, some of us are genetically personified and manage to charm with our personalities but some took some extra help from the doctors, cosmetologist or some may take help of makeup. But that can only help to change your face and physique but how many of you know that now you can add a few more inches to your height.

Like plastic surgery, gender reassignment or liposuction, now distraction osteogenesis is a new trend.

What is distraction osteogenesis and how it works and what is the purpose?

Let’s explain in detail Limb Lengthening procedure also called as distraction osteogenesis is a procedure where using some kind of orthopaedic device, you can gain up to 13 to 15 cm (5-6 inches) of height. Limb Lengthening is done by creating a fracture in your long bone (thigh bone and lower leg bone) and fixing it with an ilizarov device (ring fixation). Where the ring of the frames which connected to the rood are used to create distraction between the two ends of fractured bone and other devices also used for Limb Lengthening that’s called monorail fixator it’s mostly used for Femur/tibia Lengthening. This is an external method which we explained and another method is an internal method. In the internal method insert the nail inside the bone and distraction is done via an external remote but that is a very expensive method.

Then given some time for proper rehabilitation during lengthening phase and proper care and management of the frames, the new callus starts to grow and the gap is filled with new bone formation.

Painful yet effective way to add few more inches to your height through Limb Lengthening in India

Limb Lengthening surgery and HeightIncreaseinfo

Height Increase info is the company, who has changed many heights from the last 15 years and continues and performed more than +500 successful limb lengthening surgeries.

Height Increase info provides starts-to-end care during Lengthening hassle-free.

It sounds so easy but nothing comes easy as we all know. it’s a time taking procedure it takes months to lengthen and months to recover to know more

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