Pave the way for MOTION: A new era in Health and Wellness

With its Web3 DeWell platform, a new player MOTION hopes to bring blockchain technology to wellness ecosystems, ushering in a new era in health and wellbeing.

Lack of safe, decentralized, and reliable electronic health data is one problem plaguing today’s centralized health and wellness systems. Sports and fitness supplement supply chain leaks and counterfeit products hurt the industry. Currently, a small number of industry intermediaries are in charge of controlling and consuming health data through wearables and mobile apps.

Motion Wellness Private Limited’s mission statement is to use their entire MOTION Web3 ecosystem, which includes the DeWell (Decentralized Wellness) Platform, Mobile app, NFTs, Metaverse, Tokens, Wearables, etc., to comprehensively address the issues with current centralized health and wellness systems.

MOTION seeks to give its users authority over their health data, bringing Web3 power to the health and wellness market. MOTION will leverage Blockchain for this, as this transformative technology allows consumers to regain control of their health data. With its decentralized nature, blockchain can address data ownership challenges. It will assist in restoring the user’s control over their health data by allowing them to select who has online access to their information. This provides customers with much-needed control over their health data.

Why Blockchain Technology for the MOTION DeWell Platform?

As more and more personal health and fitness data is saved on wearables and apps, data privacy issues have grown tremendously. It has been discovered that when consumers use health and fitness apps developed by digital behemoths, they unknowingly submit their data to them. When third-party suppliers who create fitness trackers and fitness applications have access to consumer health data, concerns about data privacy, security, and transparency might rise.

This is where blockchain technology comes in to help reduce these difficulties and offer consumers ownership over their data by utilizing a decentralized digital ledger system that makes users the owners of their data. This is the actual Web3 ethos.

MOTION is ushering a new era by providing a platform for users’ digital health and wellness anchored in the blockchain. DeWell platform is poised to usher in an era where users will control all their health data. With their permission, users’ health data will be used by Web3  developers, and our wellness ecosystem partners to allow secure, mobile and on demand digital health and wellness experience.

As we know, today most of the health-related data is centralized. MOTION’s target is to decentralize it, using a Hybrid Blockchain which signifies controlled access of the data and freedom at the same time.

MOTION also plans to launch a Low-Code SDK (Software Development Kit) and an API factory for wellness Web3 developers, where developers can develop their own wellness and proactive healthcare dApps on top of the decentralized health data. Such dApps will enable users to share their health data safely and rapidly with our ecosystem partners who will use these dApps.

What does the Motion Ecosystem consist of?

Fitness gadgets and healthcare apps are becoming increasingly popular as people’s interest in their overall health and wellness grows. Their capacity to track users’ daily activities like as step count, heart rate, and sleeping patterns is quite tempting. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” as the saying goes. Access to this personal fitness data allows consumers to assess their lifestyle and go one step closer to wellness.

MOTION fitness App will be a Web3 Mobile app that any user can download either from the google play store or the apple store. MOTION plans to launch its own wearable which will be tightly integrated with the MOTION Fitness app.

This app will enable a user to record his/her steps count and get rewards as well as MOTN tokens for every 10,000 steps. MOTN token would be a community-based token that will be used to reward users for their efforts to stay healthy. A User will be able to trade MOTN tokens freely in the crypto wallet for other tokens/coins or fiat currencies, depending on the option provided by the exchange or wallet application.

The launch date of the MOTN token was recently revealed on the closed Telegram group. MOTION actively shares all the updates and various pre-launch challenges that help users earn MOTN tokens as rewards on Twitter and Instagram.

What are the Future Plans of MOTION?

Motion in future plans to introduce their own NFT – MOTNFT and own Metaverse – MOTIONVERSE. MOTNFT would be an NFT based fool proof anti-counterfeiting solution with real-time supply chain tracking, operating exclusively on highly secure blockchain servers for

Sports and Fitness assets. MOTNFT would also act as a marketplace for Gym instructors, bodybuilders, and Dieticians to publish their NFTs which entitles the owner to a health and wellness experience.

MOTIONVERSE would be the metaverse for health and wellbeing. It would provide a virtual space to interact between users and fitness trainers without any geographical boundaries. MOTIONVERSE would also enable virtual wellbeing tourism to the digital version of the places that users couldn’t normally visit physically.

MOTION with its complete ecosystem aims to bring about a paradigm shift in how health and wellness data is dealt with and offer consumers much-needed control over their health data. Such large-scale collection of health data will help many businesses to provide better and personalized services and products. This decentralized data will help the Healthcare personnel to better understand the impact of lifestyle on diseases and health problems, which can revolutionize the health care system and wellness industry.

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