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Vastu Dairy organises Tricolour rally

Surat, (Gujarat) [India]: Vastu Ghee organised a Tricolour rally as part of the Republic Day celebrations to encourage people to respect the Tricolour.

The rally, which got an immense response from participants, had several posters that emphasised respect for the Tricolour irrespective of its size. The posters also talked about not abandoning the flags on the roads. 

The rally began at Shree Radhe Dairy Farm Jakatnaka and ended at Veer Shaheed Smriti Nature Park. It was led by the founder of the dairy Shri Bhupat Sukhadia. “We salute the Tricolour as part of our patriotism but ensuring its respect is also our duty,” said Sukhadia. He said the rally aimed to create awareness so that the Tricolour is not left abandoned in public places. He also announced that the group would gather flags left on the road by anyone the next day.

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