Dharmendra Singh Chandel’s versatile acting performances winning awards and accolades worldwide

A well-known actor Dharmendra Singh Chandel, who is based in New York City, began his career performing in theaters in Bangalore and has now made it to Hollywood. Recent major roles for Dharmendra include key appearances in “Joker: Folie à Deux” from DC Studios and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime Originals. You may watch Dharmendra in the role of DHARM in the “DHARM” TV series. He plays the lead parts in several high-profile ventures. Soon, he will also appear as one of the leads in the Indian American feature film “Dear Student”, which is being directed by Surya Radhika Jayanthi and produced by Moon’k Films Devoted and is slated to go into production this fall.

Dharmendra began performing in theater right out of college, where he excelled academically and was one of the best students. After beginning his position as a corporate software engineer, he began acting in plays with a number of theater companies, including MISFIT, directed by Ratan Thakore Grant, and the Bhandu group, led by Prithesh Bhandary. He created a number of commercials for well-known businesses like Aadar, Workflexi, and the Zomato ad campaign. Dharmendra won numerous recognitions for his portrayal of one of the key characters in the well-known play Foursome directed by Prithesh Bhandary. Following his relocation to New York, Dharmendra portrayed the main parts in a number of off-Broadway productions, including “A Sketch of New York,” “Awake,” and “An Afternoon with Anton”. Soon, he will make an appearance as one of the main characters named Adam in the off-Broadway production “Five Times In One Night”, which is being directed and produced by Harsh Gupta. The production is also starring Dhwani Shah, the lead actor from a very famous Gujarati play named “kaka ko kuch kuch hota hai”.

Dharmendra recently had the lead role in the critically acclaimed short film “One Last Sunrise,” directed by Rohith Guttamidhi, in which he portrays Mr. Roy. Film has garnered numerous honors. Awards include Special Jury Award at DURBAN International Short Film Festival, Best Silent Short Film at Indo French International Film Festival, and Best International Short Film at the Qatar Independent Film Festival.

In addition to being chosen for the renowned Pune Short Film Festival in 2023, Dharmendra earned best actor awards at other film festivals for his outstanding performance in “Counseling Room”, including the Mokkho International Film Festival and the Indo French International Film Festival. “In The Night”, a fictional and horror short film in which he plays the lead character attempting to save a loved one from the “Others”, is doing very well at the IDEAL International Film Festival and has won awards for best actor and best international short film at the Grass Root International Film Festival.

With his dedication to his profession and drive for greatness Dharmendra Singh Chandel has made a big name for himself in the entertainment industry and it is safe to say that many people look up to him as a major inspiration.

Insta: dharmendra_singh_chandel

Website: www.dharmendrasinghchandel.com

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