Dr. Shweta Rai Received Prestigious Award at India Bizz Achievers Awards

In a glittering ceremony, actress Ameesha Patel presented the prestigious INNOVATION IN CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT award to Dr. Shweta Rai, the brilliant mind behind ELEMENTS SOUL. The India Bizz Achievers Awards recognized Dr. Rai’s outstanding contributions to revolutionizing chronic care management. Under her visionary leadership, ELEMENTS SOUL has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the healthcare industry. Dr. Rai’s innovative solutions have redefined the approach to chronic care management, making her organization a trailblazer in the field.

Ameesha Patel’s heartfelt tribute underscored Dr. Rai’s significant influence on the healthcare sector. As the recipient of the INNOVATION IN CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT award, Dr. Shweta Rai continues to inspire, setting new standards for managing chronic health conditions and positively impacting countless lives.

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