Experience the Art of MMA Global Series: Action-Packed Entertainment and Unrivaled Global Reach!

MMA Global Series, a leading global mixed martial arts promotion, is proud to announce its continued commitment to delivering exhilarating and action-packed entertainment to fans around the world. Under the expert guidance of fight promoter And Fighter Bhupesh Kamble has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA industry, showcasing some of the finest athletes on the planet. This series started from 29th July in Dubai from 7 pm. This series was held in Dubai’s Warehouse No. 1, INA Rashid.

Art Meets Sport: MMA Global Series is not just a sport; it is an art form that combines visceral and action packed entertainment with intricate strategic and technical aspects. Our fighters exemplify dedication, resilience, and mastery of their craft, earning respect and admiration from fans worldwide.

MGS Global Reach: With events hosted in major cities across 42 countries and 36 venues, MGS has reached unparalleled heights in terms of global reach. Our events are televised in over 42 countries, captivating an audience of over one billion people. Our goal is to make MMA accessible to fans everywhere, and our efforts are bolstered by our association with MMA, an Mixed Martial Artis entertainment giant renowned for its premium content. MMAT Myyed Martial Arts

Unrivaled Numbers: The numbers speak volumes about MGS success. In the 2021 calendar year alone, we hosted a total of 18 events featuring 200 fights. With fighters hailing from 42 countries, our diverse roster continues to amaze audiences worldwide. Our live events have seen a surge in attendance pre-pandemic, with numerous sell-out events further cementing our status as a premier MMA promotion.

A Bright Future: The future of MGS shines bright, with exciting milestones on the horizon. We have recently forged a long-term broadcast partnership in 2021, enhancing our global visibility and providing fans with unparalleled access to our events. Additionally, the much-anticipated Bantamweight World Grand Prix is set to captivate audiences in 2022, MGS.

Breaking New Ground: We are thrilled to announce that MGS will now be broadcasted – invae marking the first time the platform has featured MMA content. This landmark achievement opens up new avenues for reaching MMA fans and engaging audiences across the WORLD.

In conclusion, MGS remains committed to delivering world-class MMA experiences to our dedicated fans. Our pursuit of excellence, coupled with strategic partnerships and global expansion, reaffirms our position as a dominant force in the MMA landscape.

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