Kerala’s Culinary Maestro: Mahesh’s Impact on Vazhiyorakkada and the Community

Vazhiyorakkada, a family-owned restaurant, distinguishes itself with its strong commitment to hygiene, exemplified by meticulously maintained restrooms catering to men, women, diverse gender identities, and individuals with special needs.

In Kilimanoor, Trivandrum, Kerala, this remarkable transformation occurred as it evolved from a modest toddy shop into one of Kerala’s most revered traditional dining establishments. At the heart of this culinary evolution lie the extraordinary vision and dedication of one man, Mr. Mahesh. The restaurant blossomed from three rustic huts to five, with two welcoming family dining areas accommodating up to 120 guests with ease. Vazhiyorakkada.

The Vazhiyorakkada offers an enticing array of dishes like country chicken curry, succulent mutton creations, duck roast, crab roast, squid delicacies, prawns, traditional Kerala meals, appam, porotta, chappathi, egg roast, and a kaleidoscope of vegetable curries. The restaurant is renowned for its tea, coffee, and the traditional delight known as “ilayada.”

A unique feature of the establishment is its dedication to freshness. Vazhiyorakkada maintains an on-site farm for raising country chickens and ducks, ensuring the utmost freshness of ingredients. Wood fires and pure coconut oil are used for cooking, with no oil reuse, emphasizing quality. 

Vazhiyorakkada’s team has grown a lot, from just a few employees to now having 80. This means more people have jobs thanks to the restaurant. A touching story about Mahesh shows how much he cares. There was an employee named Manoj who, sadly, had a bad accident and passed away. Even after that, Mahesh kept paying Manoj’s salary to help his family. This shows that Mahesh cares about his employees and their families, not just about his restaurant doing well.

Mahesh also helps differently-abled people, encourages them to support themselves, and does things to help the local community. He is a very friendly and welcoming person, and many different people like him, from regular folks to important people like politicians and famous stars.

Mahesh and his brother Manesh, who lives in Abu Dhabi, are starting a new food project. They plan to open a fancy restaurant, a famous bakery called the Muffin House, a big place for parties, a spot to charge electric cars, and a nice cafe.

In the world of cooking and hospitality, Mahesh’s story is a great example of having a plan, working hard, and being kind. He cares a lot about making tasty food, keeping things clean, helping his workers, and doing good things for the community. As he begins this new adventure, it’s clear that Mahesh will keep making a big impact on the world of food and dining.

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