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Oracle Eye Hospital: Transforming Lives through Advanced Eye Care

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Oracle Eye Hospital, the pioneering eye care institution in Moradabad, continues to make substantial strides in transforming eye health for the community. Established five years ago, Oracle Eye Hospital stands as the first and foremost choice for individuals seeking top-tier eye care services in the region. With a steadfast commitment to promoting eye health and vision care, Oracle Eye Hospital has become synonymous with trust, reliability, and excellence in healthcare.

Oracle Eye Hospital’s modern facilities, cutting-edge technology and experienced medical professionals are dedicated to providing personalised and top-tier eye healthcare services. Specialising in cataract services, the hospital’s expertise lies in delivering advanced cataract treatments using Artificial Intelligence in surgeries, the first time in Moradabad, ensuring the highest quality care for patients. The hospital’s dedication to promoting Dry Eye issues is evident through its Oracle Health Program, aimed at providing comprehensive online eye care awareness and solutions to individuals of all ages.

One of Oracle Eye Hospital’s significant contributions to society is its collaboration with the Ayushman Bharat Card scheme. By offering affordable and accessible eye care solutions to diverse socio-economic groups, the hospital addresses the healthcare needs of the community effectively. Through this initiative, Oracle Eye Hospital demonstrates its unwavering commitment to making eye care services accessible to all, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder individuals from receiving essential eye treatments.

Oracle Eye Hospital goes above and beyond by accepting various Third Party Insurances (TPA), allowing patients to avail of cataract services stress-free The hospital’s streamlined process and benefits for patients, coupled with the Ayushman Card scheme, emphasise efficiency and convenience, making eye care services accessible to a wider audience.

Oracle Eye Hospital also focuses on nurturing future ophthalmologists. The hospital’s optometry training program, approved by the Paramedical Council of UP, provides comprehensive exposure to all aspects of general optom. With a strong emphasis on technology and hands-on training, the program ensures that aspiring optom are well-equipped to handle a wide range of eye problems, from common issues to complex surgeries.

Oracle Eye Hospital’s impact extends beyond its medical expertise; it embodies a beacon of hope, providing free medicines and surgeries through TPA and Ayushman facilities, enabling underprivileged individuals to receive essential eye treatments. Through its charitable wing, the Prither Health Care Society, the hospital organises eye camps and complex surgeries, furthering its commitment to serving the community.

Dr. Girjesh Kain, the esteemed consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Oracle Eye Hospital, brings more than 19 years of expertise to the institution. With a focus on clinical research and an impressive record of performing over 30000 phaco and glaucoma surgeries, Dr. Kain epitomises the hospital’s dedication to excellence.
Oracle Eye Hospital’s journey is a proof of its unwavering dedication to promoting eye health, accessibility, and excellence in healthcare.

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Address:- 181 Ram Ganga Vihar Phase 1 MDA Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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