Where Shadows Drape Style: Aphiliac Apparel’s Unique Wear Vibe

Aphiliac Apparel, an avant-garde streetwear clothing brand, is poised to evolve the Indian fashion trend with its stylish and original designs, especially for Gen Z, Launching on January 1, 2024. Founded by the insightful designer Rajvansh Devgan, AKA Richie, Aphiliac Apparel is more than a clothing brand; it manifests individuality and rebellion against the commonplace.

In an era overwhelmed with generic dropshipping brands copying designs, Aphiliac Apparel stands out as a hub of authenticity. Richie, the creative force behind the brand, emphasises each design’s uniqueness, crafting a collection that resonates with the pulsating energy of the metal scene. This New Year, expect heavy graphics and avant-garde aesthetics that cater specifically to the dynamic spirit of GenZ and the Rebels all around the world.

Aphiliac Apparel pays homage to streetwear and metal culture, beautifully blending tradition with modernity. The inaugural collection features four distinct hoodies: two zipper hoodies and two full hoodies. The prints adorn sleeves, front, and back, ensuring something for everyone in this eclectic range.

Richie, a designer with a diploma in designing, brings a wealth of experience to Aphiliac Apparel. Through freelance work for other brands, he has earned his skills, imbibing invaluable insights into the nuances of launching and sustaining a brand. The designs crafted by Richie are a rare fusion of international flair and Indian sensibilities, a departure from the generic and often imported styles dominating the market.

Aphiliac Apparel promises to make high-quality, original designs accessible to the audience around the world. In a departure from the norm, all aspects of production, from design conceptualisation to fabric sourcing, are meticulously executed within India. This commitment ensures that Aphiliac Apparel not only celebrates unique designs but also contributes to the growth of the Indian fashion industry.

Founder Richie expresses his enthusiasm for the imminent launch, “Aphiliac Apparel is more than just a brand; it’s a movement. We’re bringing hardcore designs to India, designed and produced here so that individuals can embrace their style with pride and comfort.”

Aphiliac Apparel’s grand unveiling is eagerly anticipated, with the first drop featuring the much-anticipated four-hoodie collection. Stay tuned as the brand promises to deliver more groundbreaking creations, setting new benchmarks in the Indian streetwear landscape on January 1, 2024.

For those ready to break free from the ordinary, Aphiliac Apparel beckons as the go-to destination for original, rebellious fashion.

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